2013 Special Vacancy

In March, 2013, Leah Wilson resigned her seat on the Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD) Board of Directors. On March 27, 2013, the remaining Board members guided by BUSD staff developed a process to fill the vacancy. Details of the process are available on the District website. Below are the applicants for this position to be voted on by the remaining Directors.

Peter Morgan Bloomsburgh

From 1994 to 1996, I volunteered as President of the Alameda Contra Costa Youth Soccer League

Ty Alper

I am on the faculty at a public school. As a clinical law professor, I have dedicated myself to studying what makes an effective learning environment.

Meleah N. Hall

I have provided free tutoring over a decade. I have also worked as an assistant principal, Special Education Teacher, and General Education Teacher.

Spencer R. Klein

Both of my children attended Cragmont elementary school, and had positive experiences there.

Dan Lindheim

I have been actively involved in BUSD since my student years. I attended Emerson, Willard, and BHS, as did both my kids.

Satish Rao

Berkeley High SSC: 2010 2013.
Soccer Coach: Boys 1999-2005, Girls 2004-2005
Middle School Math Tutoring: 2010

Margit Roos-Collins

I have been steadily involved in improving our public schools since 1999.

Julie Sinai

As a parent, I have been active in BUSD for over 17 years. Our family often found ourselves to be early adopters in the District.

Mark J Zoidis

Parent activist at Washington Elementary summer 2012 where I developed a spatial density analysis, coordinated a petition (36 signatures), and sought union p

Michael G. Bolgatz

No application provided

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