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Berkeley Public Schools Open the Week Beginning Mon., Oct. 16

BUSD Superintendent Donald Evans sent the following message to District families today, Sunday, Oct. 15:

Dear Families,

Berkeley Public Schools will be open the week of Monday, October 16.

Student activities will return to normal as the smoky air abates, with recess and P.E. returning outdoors.

We are using these Air Quality and Outdoor Activity Guidelines from the California EPA and following forecasts from and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

The current forecast is for the air quality in Berkeley to range between green (good) and yellow (moderate) over the coming week, depending on fire containment and wind directions. The warmer temperatures Monday may be giving way to cooler and possibly rainy weather later in the week, offering much needed relief to area conditions.

May this coming week be much much better for all concerned.

Donald Evans, Ed.D.

A chart showing “Air Quality and Outdoor Activity Guidance for Schools” can be accessed on the District website.

October, 2017